Europe 2015 – Requesting Time Off

This is the first post I am putting together in a series on planning for our trip to Europe this upcoming June/July.

Every trip or vacation, has a number of important components that hopefully will make it a success. From booking flights and hotels to planning excursions each day, the steps we take in advance of our trips make all the difference.

To say that I’m excited for my first trip out of the country since 2009 (and Julie’s first time abroad – we don’t count Mexico!) would be a major understatement. Julie and I have been talking about taking this trip for the past couple of years. We have a list of places to go and a LOT of must sees. But before we can take in sights like the stunning Highclere Castle (of Downton Abbey fame – one of Julie’s musts)…I needed to ask for the time off!


While the cubicle life certainly doesn’t have the nicest views, it has some pretty sweet benefits. One of my favorites is of course, paid time off or PTO. Because who doesn’t love getting paid for being on vacation? It certainly beats a lot of this:


Yesterday I asked my boss for the time off for our European trip. I have always had the most success getting time off approved the further in advance I ask. It may sound a bit crazy to ask for vacation time six months in advance, but when you work on a team, it is always better to get the request in early.

Today I am incredibly excited to report that my request off was approved!! The trip was already official in my eyes, but this really helps validate it. And while I just took some time off over the holidays (be on the lookout for trip reports!), the boss enjoys travel too and was quick to get me approved.

I really feel like I got one of these…


Ok work isn’t anything like jail 😉 but it still feels great knowing I officially have the time off!

Only 171 days to go!

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