Europe 2015 – So I Booked the Wrong Month For Our Hotel

Our big trip to Europe is scheduled for June & July of this year. While we booked our flights in September on points, the trip is still evolving. So far, we have nine of a possible sixteen room nights booked either on points or cash (with the help of some good rates…we’re trying to keep this pretty cost effective after all). That’s good news! On Monday night however, I realized I booked our five London nights at the right hotel, but the wrong month!


I had a serious Homer Simpson moment when I realized my mistake.

Somehow, despite months of careful planning, checking rates and dates, I booked five nights at our London hotel for the second week of June. In all honesty, I’m not sure at all how that happened. Despite leaving the states in June, all of our room nights are for July. And unlike Monday, when I was booking our weekend in Brussels at close to midnight, I had booked our London stay when I was alert and awake during the day.

After a moment of panic and concern that I had been doing things wrong the whole time, I decided to try and make the changes to my current reservation online. I jumped on the site, went through all the options, and got stuck. The website wouldn’t let me switch the dates, despite them being available. So I took a chance, and sent the hotel’s customer service a quick email explaining what had happened. (It is important to note that I do not have any hotel elite status, but this problem likely would still have needed to be resolved over the phone even if I did). I went to bed that night and didn’t hear back from the hotel until the following evening around the same time. They told me what I already assumed, I needed to call in to make the changes.

This morning, quickly before work, I called the customer service line and almost immediately got a rep on the phone. I’m disappointed that I don’t remember her name (hey, it was early and I’m not a coffee person!) because she was fantastic and very helpful. My reservation was quickly updated to the correct dates, no charges or change fees need be applied. And now I can breathe a big sigh of relief knowing I didn’t completely screw up this big trip!

What about you? Have you ever made a similar error with booking hotel rooms, flights, or similar? What was the end result?

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