I’m Going to TravelCon OC!

After getting my start late in 2013, I have established a pretty solid base understanding of the points and miles world. And while that base certainly gets me by in my day to day spending, I know that there is a tremendous amount of knowledge out there from people far more advanced than I. At this point, I still consider myself to be beginner-intermediate on the hobby scale, so there remains much to learn.

A few times a year, some of the bigger names in the points and miles blogging world get together for conferences to discuss our mutual hobby. They share tips and tricks with attendees so that we can all take better advantage of the opportunities out there. The big series of events is called Frequent Traveler University or FTU for short. Last year, those events were sold out before I had a chance to even consider going. This year, the only two taking place are in San Diego (sold out) and Dallas (a bit too far away, but my goal for next year). Instead, I decided it best to take advantage of the opportunity to attend a smaller, local event here in Orange County called TravelCon OC.

The event takes place this upcoming Saturday, the 28th in Anaheim. I’m a bit nervous, as I will be attending the convention solo. But I’m also equally excited at the prospect of taking this hobby to the next level and being able to learn from those with a much higher level of know how and practical experience.

I’ll definitely be taking notes, so you can expect a full write up from me following the event. Until then, stay warm wherever you are and keep on traveling!

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