Exciting Changes to the Blog!

Exciting Changes to the Blog!

Written by Brian Callender

Some exciting thing are changing on the blog, so I thought a post about it would be a good idea! 🙂

I originally created this site to share the travels of Julie and I, with some travel hacking mixed in. I started with the name The View From Cube 74, because well, I worked in cubicle 74 in my office. I enjoyed the name because from my cubicle, I can see out to the local airport, assuming I turn my chair around. While that name suited my original purpose, I wasn’t thinking long term when I created it.

Flash forward to 2016 and Julie and I have decided to combine our talents into a collective site where we both are equal contributors. This also means that you’ll be seeing much better photos on a consistent basis since that is Julie’s area of expertise. Every now and then, I will also be posting my own photos to add into the mix (I take some good ones every now and then with my iPhone ;). Collectively, we aim to provide content that you, the reader, will enjoy. 🙂

We have already started to make some changes, which you may have noticed. The biggest being the change in name to: Bound to Explore. After much debate, we both agreed that this name gives us the most flexibility in the long term to do what we love most, explore! While we always hope that exploring includes international travel, we both have day jobs that like us to be present. So, in the interim, we will offset our bigger trips by sharing our adventures exploring places in our own backyard of Southern California! Julie and I are excited about this new journey, and look forward to bringing you all along for the ride. Hopefully, some new readers will join us along the way! Welcome to Bound to Explore!

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