Teleport Thursdays – Scandinavia

It seems like, whenever life gets busy, writing always gets pushed to the back burner. That’s been the case for me lately, but also something I plan to remedy, starting now.

While we eagerly await the return of Game of Thrones next month, Julie and I have been watching a show we consider to be the lite version, Vikings. If you haven’t seen the show before, I highly recommend it! The show is based in Scandinavia, but filmed primarily in Ireland and features one of my favorite characters on TV, Ragnar Lothbrok (or Ragdoll Lookbook as Julie calls him…). Try watching an episode and not wanting to immediately transport yourself there.

Vikings' Ragnar
Vikings’ Ragnar

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No Matter Your Age, YOU Should Study Abroad

6 Years

As I sit here writing this post, it has been six years to the day (we even departed on a Thursday) since I left for my ten week study abroad adventure in Oxford, England (thanks Chris for reminding me!). I was twenty-five years old and in my final year at Saddleback Community College. My friend had just dropped me off at LAX and I was mentally preparing myself to be on my own for the next few months. This was to be my first solo flight and I remember boarding that British Airways flight with a calm exuberance. Ten hours later, I had arrived at my destination, a little worse for wear, (I didn’t sleep the entire flight) but excited for what was to come.


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Teleport Thursdays – England

This week’s edition of Teleport Thursday is somewhat of a special one as it covers a few different bases for me. In honor of a new Muse song being released by the band today, Throwback Thursday, and the fact that we are expected to hit some high temperatures over the next few days, I’m teleporting off to familiar England. I’ll actually be back in England over the summer and I can’t wait!

5 Day Forecast
Local 5 Day Forecast
London 5 day forecast

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Review – TravelCon OC 2015

I first heard about TravelCon OC a few months back through one of the blogs I follow, Travel Codex. Several of the main contributors from that site were putting together a one day points and miles convention in Anaheim. While many of these events are often in cities across the country, I saw this as a good opportunity to expand my knowledge with something close to home.

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