Making Every Cent Count

Booking our trip to Europe was an easy decision. With points and miles factored in, the decision was even easier. While points can cover some of the larger aspects of the trip, namely the flight and hotel rooms, much of the rest of the trip will need to be paid for out of pocket. Which is why so much emphasis for this trip has been centered around things that can be free or discounted. Food, transportation, activities, these and more will earn us points, but we’ll need to use the money we’re saving by not paying full price for the other parts of the trip.

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Oh, the Travel Stories You’ll Tell

“You’re off to great places, today is your day!” ~ Dr. Seuss

Stories to Last a Lifetime

Beyond the destination itself, one of my favorite aspects of travel is the stories each new adventure brings. In a world where photos and to a greater extent, social media helps us in documenting our experiences, when you strip that all away, what remains is the memories that are made. And those stories we tell our friends, family, and even conversations with strangers are what help to reinforce it. Even if the internet disappeared (crazy right?) and you had no photographic evidence to support yourself, you would still have the memory, firmly imprinted on your brain, forever. A story to tell.

A boring picture doesn't illustrate one hell of a night in Prague.
A boring picture doesn’t illustrate one hell of a night in Prague.

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Weekend Getaway – San Diego

I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating…mini vacations are what keep those of us who don’t get to take many trips, throughly sane. Or at least partially sane with those busy work weeks!

A little over a month ago, Julie and I planned a short weekend getaway to San Diego with another couple we are friends with. While the trip was centered around a baseball game at Petco Park, we were equally excited for the opportunity just to do a little travel.

And of course to stay classy...
And of course, to stay classy…

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90 Days Out – Europe 2015

Last September, Julie and I booked our first trip to Europe together. As I talked about before, this is Julie’s first trip abroad (brief visits to Canada and Mexico of course, are excluded). The trip also marks the culmination of our foray into the points and miles world. From the beginning, my immediate goal was to get to Europe on points. Originally, the thought was we would get there in Business or First class, arriving both in style and fully rested. However, after some discussion, we both agreed that the points would take us further if we opted to fly coach. Sure it’s boring and I didn’t sleep one minute of the 10 hour flight last time around, but this will allow us to take more than one trip and prevent us from blowing through all of our miles at once. A good plan I think. With two incomes, we earn a decent amount of miles, but we aren’t experts. We make mistakes and learn from them along the way and our points earning reflects that.

When we first planned this trip, it seemed like decades away. Nearly ten months stood between us and jolly old England. Once the calendar flipped over to 2015, it started to feel real. We are now in the same year as the trip, and that definitely makes a difference. So here we sit now, just 90 days out (well, 88 days as of the writing of this post – it’s been a busy couple of weeks) and the trip is right around the corner. What have we done to prepare so far?

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Teleport Thursdays – New Zealand

If you follow my blog, you probably have a pretty good idea that I love Europe. And you likely also think it’s the only place I ever want to, or plan to visit. You wouldn’t be completely off base if you had that thought process because at times, I find myself thinking that way too.

In reality though, there are a number of amazing places in the world OUTSIDE of Europe that I also dream about visiting. Aside from where our travels are taking us this summer, this is easily Julie’s next must visit destination. This week’s Teleport Thursday is New Zealand!

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