Teleport Thursdays – New Zealand

If you follow my blog, you probably have a pretty good idea that I love Europe. And you likely also think it’s the only place I ever want to, or plan to visit. You wouldn’t be completely off base if you had that thought process because at times, I find myself thinking that way too.

In reality though, there are a number of amazing places in the world OUTSIDE of Europe that I also dream about visiting. Aside from where our travels are taking us this summer, this is easily Julie’s next must visit destination. This week’s Teleport Thursday is New Zealand!

Perhaps you’ve even heard of a little film called, The Lord of the Rings? Much of which was filmed in New Zealand. 🙂

Mt. Sunday
Mt. Sunday
Queenstown (via
Queenstown (via

Also, some of you may even remember these little gems, also filmed in New Zealand. 😉

G_X_H_IIf you can’t teleport there (seriously, where is my flying car already?!?), and are in need of some awesome shots of New Zealand, check out this blog I recently started following: Young Adventuress.

Until next time, teleport me!

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