An Insatiable Wanderlust

Wanderlust (noun): a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about.

We inch ever closer to our European adventure. Months that seemed like years, have been whittled down to just under two. Knowing that the day is fast approaching, finally, has aimed to cure some of my growing wanderlust. But instead of it minimizing with an impending trip, my desire to travel has only increased.

Where to next?
Where to next?

Perhaps this heavy dose of wanderlust stems from the nearly non-stop travel related media and publications I have surrounded myself with over the past year and half. Since discovering “travel hacking” back at the tail end of 2013, all things travel have been firmly lodged at the forefront of my brain. I follow a handful of travel blogs, which isn’t much considering the sheer volume available out there. But reading the stories keeps me engaged and constantly dreaming about the next trip, the next destination. With the blogs come the Instagram follows of mostly random travelers. A true thing of beauty as they offer a short and often beautiful glimpse into some amazing destinations. Pictures often need no words. They tell you a story and make you yearn to be there, soaking in the experiences for yourself.

Stockholm, Sweden

If you do a brief Internet search on those who travel full time, not people who have to travel for work, but people whose work is travel, you’ll come across no shortage of bloggers who quit their jobs and live on the road. They are often referred to as nomads, with no specific home base. While I have a strong sense of wanderlust, I’m not sure I could ever become a full nomad. I like having a home base. A place to come to and relax, meet with friends and family, live a normal life if you will. And even though it’s a bit warmer than I would like, I love Southern California. It’s the place I have called home for almost thirty-two years. But I also want need to travel. It’s embedded in my soul now and has been for at least the last six years.

The world we live in is this sprawling, epic place with such tremendous diversity, culture, and geography. Mountains, volcanoes, rivers, waterfalls, deserts, beaches, you name it. Whatever your travel interest is, there is a place out there for you. Our very own State Department officially recognizes 195 countries or independent states. If you’re fortunate enough to see 1/4 of these countries, you would have seen a total of 48. That’s insane to me considering that I have visited just 12 countries in total in my lifetime (including my home country). Just to get to 48 countries, I’ll have to visit four times as many countries as I have done thus far. That’s an incredible number to consider, particularly when you factor in we tend to work more the older we get, until we reach retirement. And on this upcoming trip, I’ll only add one new country to that list. Lucky number 13 will be Belgium and all of their sweet, delicious waffles and chocolate. 🙂

It’s impossible not to think about travel on a daily basis. Cubicle life definitely presents you with moments in which daydreaming becomes a distinct reality. And it certainly doesn’t help to be a mile from an airport either! My wanderlust grows by the day. I’ve already been thinking (for some time now) about the next trip, the next adventure. There’s so much to explore out there in the world and keep my thirst for travel quenched.

Julie and I have a short weekend getaway coming up that I’m really looking forward to. We may have less than two months to the big trip, but there’s something about this desire to travel…you can never get enough. And I know that if I want to get to 48 (50 is actually the goal) many more adventures lay ahead. For now we wait, just 52 days to go, and then we contemplate the next trip and then the one after that…

Stay tuned and safe travels!

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