10 Months of Planning and it’s Finally Here + I Drank a 9 Year Old Bottle of Beer to Celebrate!

By the time you read this, we’ll be in route to San Diego International Airport for our big day of travel. Heading East, means we’ll lose our entire day to being in the air and on the ground waiting to be in the air again. No complaints here though. This has been 10 months in the making and the time it’s going to take us to get there will have been well worth it. After all, our entire roundtrip flight from California to Scotland and then back from Dublin cost us $88.80. And sure, flying non-stop, direct, would be a perfect scenario, but the logistics didn’t work out at the time we booked the trip. We leave Tuesday morning and arrive Wednesday morning.

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How We Booked Our Flight to Europe for $88.80.

By now, you’ve heard that Julie and I are going to Europe. A fact that has been discussed at great length thanks to some serious enthusiasm on both our parts. In just fifteen fourteen days, we’ll be on a plane embarking on a big and incredibly exciting journey. The trip marks our longest vacation in our three years together at seventeen days and sixteen nights. Since the flight is broken up into two five hour segments, it will actually tie our trip to Boston a couple years back for the longest flight.

Without a doubt, the question I get asked most often, is how did you do it? And I tell anyone who cares to listen, because it really was quite simple, just how much the world of points and miles can work if you’re willing to put in a little effort. As a complete novice at the time, here’s how we made it happen.

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