Saying Goodbye to Scotland | Edinburgh

With two long days of driving and exploring the Highlands firmly behind us, we had a lazy start to our Saturday morning. In doing so, we nearly missed making it back in time to drop off our rental car. We returned the car with just minutes to spare (they close at noon are not open on Sundays) savings ourselves a headache later on. No longer able to rely on our trusty little Toyota, we were back to public transportation and hopped on a bus headed for Edinburgh city center.

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Exploring the Highlands by Car: Part Two | Scotland

Morning loch views
Morning loch views

Friday morning we were treated to this beautiful loch view from our Airbnb.  A view which made the prospect of departing for the long upcoming day an even more challenging prospect. Our host had been fantastic and we wished we had opted to stay for more than one night. But after a nice breakfast, we packed up our little car and headed back down the single track road and made our way towards the Isle of Skye.

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