Last Days in London | England

Last Days in London | England


After a very late night in Oxford, we slept in a bit on Friday morning before heading out to soak up the rest of our time in London. To say that we were ecstatic to have the Tube back up and running would be a serious understatement. Sightseeing was the task of the day, and we covered quite a bit of ground in doing so.

Our first stop was for lunch at the Churchill Arms. This gorgeous pub offered a nice change of pace for our palettes as they served Thai food exclusively.

Churchill Arms Pub
Delicious Thai Food! 🙂

With our stomachs full, we took a short walk through Notting Hill to visit some of the sights from the film of the same name. Next on our list was a visit to Kensington Gardens to view the palace and Julie’s hunt for the Peter Pan statue.

Peter Pan Statue

Buckingham Palace, while not my favorite castle in England, is still worth the visit to take in all of its splendor. Sadly, we had no luck finding the Queen here either!

Views of the London Eye
St. Paul’s Cathedral
Millennium Bridge

Our five days in London had flown by, leaving us much to do on our next trip back to the city. While Saturday morning was spent packing and preparing for the next leg of journey, before we knew it, we were boarding a train.


Next stop, Belgium!

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