Time Travel Tuesday | Joshua Tree National Park, California

Written by Julie Boyd | Photography by Julie Boyd

Joshua Tree National Park lies in California’s Mojave Desert. While Brian and I prefer mountain landscapes, there’s no denying that Joshua Tree has a unique beauty that makes it worth visiting. Ranging from broken up rock hills and boulders, to stretches of rugged terrain covered in wildflowers, cacti, and Joshua trees, the landscape of Joshua Tree is the main star of the park.

I visited Joshua Tree on a short day trip back in 2012. It was a fun experience driving around and pulling off the road to capture a few images of the scenery. I haven’t been able to convince Brian to go back with me yet, but this winter (when the temperatures are cooler) I think it would be fun to spend a day or two hiking and trying out astrophotography. Maybe these pictures will convince him… 🙂


Tip: Beeeeee aware that in the spring there are swarms of bees in the park because of the wildflowers.

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