Maximizing Points with the Chase Ink Plus Business Card

Maximizing Points with the Chase Ink Plus Business Card

Written by Brian Callender

I’ve talked about before, the ways in which “travel hacking” has played in important role in helping us travel. Much of our every day credit card spend is done through the Chase Sapphire Preferred, and I detailed here why I love the card.

An equally valuable, and in many ways, more so, credit card we reap the benefits of is the Chase Ink  Plus.

If you run a small business (and this can mean many things, including thinking about starting a business), this card is a must have.

Chase Ink Plus Business Card

Why I Love the Chase Ink Plus

Sign Up Bonus

The current sign up bonus on the Chase Ink Plus is 60,000 points after spending $5,000 in the first three months of card membership. This is a great way to jump into the world of points and miles since assuming you just meet the minimum spend without earning any additional points, you’ll be at 65,000 points in just three months. 60,000 points will get you a roundtrip ticket to Europe among other destinations.

5x Points

Single points are good, double points are great, but five times the points is amazing! You can earn 5x’s the points on a maximum of $50,000 a year (hello big spender!)on things such as: office supply stores (Staples, Office Max, etc.), cellular and land line phones, cable television, and internet. That’s pretty fantastic, because I don’t know about you, but I use all of these on a regular basis (except a land line of course, but you might have one in your office!) 😉

2x Points

Double points are great, and you’ll earn them at gas stations and at hotels when using your Chase Ink Plus. If you have the Chase Sapphire Preferred like we do, then you’ll earn double points on hotel stays with that card as well, so the choice is yours to make. For travel, we tend to stick with the Sapphire as it’s our primary everyday spend card. I also tend to opt for gas gift cards from Staples and don’t often use the Ink at gas stations. But it’s a good option if you’re in need of gas and out of gift cards.

Chase Ink Plus Business Card

Gift Cards

Since you earn 5 times the points at office supply stores, we will often get gift cards (when they make sense) for stores and purchases we were already planning to make. In addition to the gas card example above, we often by Amazon gift cards at our local Staples so that we can earn additional points and have items shipped quickly with our Prime membership. The options available at each office supply store tend to vary, but most have the basics (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Nordstrom, Target, etc.). And while I wish we could find Ralphs and Trader Joe’s gift cards to really maximize our points, we get some great value going this route.

Ultimate Rewards

I touched on some of the benefits of Chase’s Ultimate Rewards portal previously, and the same applies with the Ink and another reason why this is a great card to pair with the Sapphire. You’ll have access to Chase’s transfer partners for booking hotels, flights, and rental cars through Ultimate Rewards. You can also shop through Chase and earn additional points on your purchases. This is a great benefit, and a way to help boost your points balance more quickly. As with the Sapphire, when booking travel through the Ultimate Rewards site, you can receive 20% off.

Chase Ink Plus Business Card

Additional Benefits

  • No foreign transaction fees means it’s great for international travel.
  • Employee Cards at no additional cost. If you’re a business owner, you can use these for your employees and keep tabs on the purchases they make.
  • Trip Protection/Cancellation: Up to $5,000 on pre-paid, non refundable travel.
  • Extended warranty, purchase protection, and return protection.

You can read the full list of benefits on Chase’s site.


I love the Chase Ink Plus and it gets a lot of use for us behind the scenes rather than as an every-day spending card.

While the card does have an annual fee of $95, like the Sapphire, I find that the value you receive from the card more than outweighs the yearly donation to Chase. If you use the card to its full potential, particularly if you can maximize the spending threshold, then this card will work wonders for you.

In conjunction with the Chase Sapphire, the card becomes even more valuable as points are transferrable to Chase’s partners allowing you to further spread your points around.

There are plenty of cards out there, but this card should definitely be high on your list for consideration if you are in the market for a great business card. 🙂

Full disclosure: I earn nothing from discussing this card and don’t work for Chase; it’s simply one of my favorite cards and has served us well. This is my recommendation, but a different card may work better for you based on your specific goals, budget, and credit. I recommend you do your own research and use my recommendation as a guideline. I’m always happy to help in any way I can! 

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