Castle on Tower Hill: Visiting the Tower of London

Written by Brian Callender & Julie Boyd | Photography by Julie Boyd

Cities, no matter the size, have their hallmarks, their must visit destinations. Chances are, if you find yourself in a big city, there will be no shortage of such places that will make your to-do list. Smaller, less sought after destinations, may have a much more limited selection of “musts,” but still something that locals can point to as the place to be. Come to Irvine here in Orange County and we’ll show you…the Irvine Spectrum? In fairness to our hometown, they do have a ferris wheel! 🙂 These are of course, the biggest draws for tourists, which means you will seldom find yourself alone. But crowds aside, one of the best aspects of visiting these hotspots is for the most part, braving the hoards of people is well worth it. London, of course, is a big city with a long list of places you simply must visit. On our second trip to London, we were excited to visit the infamous Tower of London.

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Time Travel Tuesday | Boston, Massachusetts

Written by Brian Callender | Photos by Julie Boyd & Brian Callender

Julie and I visited Boston in January of 2013 and immediately fell in love with the city. As self professed history nerds, there are few domestic cities better to visit than Boston. A visit to Boston brought good food, drinks, easy public transportation, and beautiful sights making it a destination we can’t wait to return to. If you’re visiting in winter like we did, know that it comes with the risk of bad weather (our friends were snowed in the following January during their trip). However on our visit, we were surprised at how pleasant the conditions were as we only saw a small amount of snow.

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Mini Vacation Part Two – Monterey

I absolutely love Monterey and was excited to visit the city again two years after our first trip. In 2012, we stopped in Monterey as part of a longer trip up the coast and we spent very little time getting to know the city. Other than our day trip to Big Sur, we had no concrete plans for the duration of our visit. While I love to plan and make trips detailed and organized, it’s also good from time to time to just wing it and go with the flow.

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